Established in 1924

Founded in 1924 as family company by Charles North, Aurore SARL has always been based in the Alsace region. Today, its headquarters are in the town of Riedisheim.

At the time of its foundation, Aurore distributed a wide range of products, including bath salts and lotions, as well as natural dyes for textiles and flooring.




In 1949, after signing a commercial partnership with the Swiss company Po-Ho-Co A.G., based in Basel, the Aurora Company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of aromatic essential oils, balms and lozenges under the erstwhile names (OLBAS® Huile, OLBASAN®). Formulated to combat symptoms linked to respiratory complaints and muscle and joint sensitivity, these products soon found success at a regional level.


In 2012, having been present in France for over 60 years, the Aurore company was close to shutting down. That where is Guillaume Allié, a Doctor of Pharmacy who grew up in a house next door to the company, came in. Deeply committed to preserving the company’s history and assuring its survival, he decided to take over the reins, concentrating on the flagship OLBAS® Huile product, and renaming it LHEA® Solution without modifying the original formula.



LHEA® Solution is a pure and natural aromatic blend of 6 essential oils: Peppermint, Blue Gum, Cajeput, Wintergreen, Common Juniper, Clove. The pleasant, fresh aromas of this authentic and effective concentrated blend reinvigorate the mind and senses. A great deal remains to be learned about the potential benefits of this aromatic blend, used mainly as a means of protecting and clearing the airways.




Guillaume Allié has only one objective: to enable the greatest number of people to take advantage of the natural benefits provided by Les Huiles Essentielles Allié (Allié Essential Oils), founded under the name OLBAS® in Alsace in 1949.

Guillaume Allié has updated the original formulas, and plans to launch other pharmaceutical forms, including balms (massage and respiratory), lozenges, stick inhalers, individual essential oils, massage oils, etc. while remaining committed to offering pure, natural and properly balanced formulas.